Could Farrah Be Using Cocaine Again?


Since her choice to make a pornographic film under the guise of a leaked sex tape, Farrah’s behavior has shown just how hungry the woman is to extend her fame beyond the airing of Teen Mom. Yet I have long wondered whether there is another motive for her increasingly bizarre and desperate exploits, including solicitation of gifts from her only remaining fans, legitimate creeps who have allegedly complied by purchasing gifts for both her and Sophia (ick).

Resorting to online begging after reportedly house hunting for multimillion dollar mansions is a startling red flag that Farrah has blown the big bucks she received from her porn within months of getting paid – and I have a hunch why.

I believe Farrah has been abusing drugs, specifically cocaine.

There are numerous reasons to believe this. Firstly, her “memoir” reveals that she has used the hard drug numerous times. Secondly, her weight has plummeted to a disturbingly emaciated frame. Farrah truly does not look healthy. Her decisions to get plastic surgery altered her naturally pretty looks, but the oddness in her appearance is beyond bad “work.” She seems dead in the eyes and almost deranged in the most recent pictures of her.

Likewise, her aforementioned solicitation from fans took place after the initial weeks of post-porn frivolities, including renting a Lamborghini for her public appearances and splurging on expensive clothing. If she could afford the lifestyle she wants to maintain, I suspect she as such an arrogant creature would not be begging for creepy strangers to send her cheap lingerie.

Cocaine is expensive, extremely prolific in the porn industry, and easily accessible during adult industry venues. Farrah is jetting all over the country making appearances yet she barely seems to be maintaining her lifestyle she brags about having. She should be making what most young people would view as extravagant earnings, easily pocketing thousands a month after her travel expenses – but truly does not seem to be holding on to her cash.

Yet she is still purporting herself to be rich, “living in a mansion” as she recently tweeted while hashtagging herself as a “celebrity” akin to Pam Anderson. This deluded mindset only convinces me more that she is using cocaine, caught up in temporary euphoria and seemingly incapable of seeing how negatively this time in her life can and will impact her daughter.

Let me be clear, I’m not “reporting” that she is using cocaine – this is all mere speculation, but this writer has been wondering about Farrah’s odd behavior for quite some time, and I feel that cocaine use would explain quite a bit of her situation.

What do you guys think about Farrah’s behavior? Is she just high on her own arrogance and “celebrity,” or do you think she has fallen back into her old ways of drug abuse?


9 thoughts on “Could Farrah Be Using Cocaine Again?

  1. I don’t wanna bash the blogger in case something serious happened… But the blog was just getting good! Why the disappearance?!

  2. I know right?! Hope she’s okay, but also still checking for an update from the one person who was willing to talk about it at all.

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