Mackenzie McKee Attacked while Pregnant!?

Starcasm has reported that Mackenzie McKee (ugh) of Teen Mom 3 was attacked this week while looking for her husband Josh at a woman’s home. The woman identified as Dez allegedly grabbed Mackenzie and dragged her off a porch, while Mackenzie lay upon her stomach. Since the TM3 star is in her second trimester of a high risk pregnancy, this is clearly an extremely dangerous situation she put herself in!

As texts posted by Mackenzie and her friend Justine state, the young mother knew Dez did not want her coming to her home and had “no problem” assaulting a pregnant woman. The mother of 2-year-old Gannon decided even with this knowledge to go the Dez’s home, accompanied by her friend – who happens to be the sister of the alleged attacker.

All the questionable details aside, what in the hell is Mackenzie thinking? She is pregnant and married, but DOES NOT live with her husband, and apparently has so little respect in her relationship that she feels she needs to be driven to go look for him when he is unaccountable.

I made a post months ago before their marriage and second pregnancy were made public about how dubious I was about the level of maturity between Mackenzie and Josh. Clearly, they are not the prototypical young married couple working to support themselves and their children, but are still two immature teenagers who do not legitimately work and can barely string a sentence together (anyone who has watched TM3 can attest to this painful reality).

I have lived in a drama-ridden small town for most of my life, and while trashbags get into fights all the time around here, I’ve somehow been able to keep myself out of ohysical altercations. Mind, I have a black belt in shaolin kempo and I was taught the practicality of avoiding physical conflicts, instead resolving them with words. So maybe it’s just my own life experience that makes me judge, but I find this entire situation absurd.

During this pregnancy (roughly 18 weeks into it), Mackenzie has canceled her engagement, gotten married, almost died from her diabetes, been hospitalized in a separate incident, broken her foot, and been dragged off a concrete porch on her stomach.


Thankfully, as of now the baby seems to be unharmed by the incident, but this does not inspire much confidence in this writer.

Please.. Comment and share your thoughts below.


13 thoughts on “Mackenzie McKee Attacked while Pregnant!?

  1. Wtf? She has a new accident every week it seems like. She’ll be in a full body cast in a few months at the rate she’s going, and she will lose the baby or it’ll have a ton of problems. It’s not really that hard to avoid breaking bones and getting beat up.

  2. I read through the comments and there are insinuations that Josh was somehow involved in the assault on her? And that he has beaten her in the past? If this is true then I feel simply awful for her because she probably thinks she can’t do any better 😦

    • Holy hell! Well the woman is supposedly friends with Mackenzie’s family, perhaps why Josh was there, but if the attack happened when Josh was still at the residence, he is a PUSSY BITCH for not protecting his WIFE!!! Those rumors make this take a disturbing turn :/

  3. Dear TeenMomBuzz,

    I love you for this part of the post: Mackenzie McKee (ugh)

    Hah, but seriously. Much respect to you for speaking the truth. I’m sorry, but Mackenzie is not mature. MTV money has enabled her to play house with a boy she would otherwise have broken up with had she not gotten pregnant. Many of the girls have been able to do this and it’s going to be a major wake up call when the MTV money pit dries up.

    Also, thank you for sticking yourself out there on the Nikkole story.

    • Dude, I’ve watched two TM3 episodes and her segments are PAINFUL. She seems very, very dim – not to mention immature. I agree with everything you said. It sends the wrong message for them to be advancing their relationship without the actual complications life brings. Money issues make shit so much harder even when one or both people work full time. And thank you so much for your kind remarks – I am interested in the show and whatever crazy shit it has spawned!

  4. That is unbelievable. Two trimesters in, you’re going to stomp around like the big woman you are, trying to find your husband – why the fuck do you need to be finding him in the first place – and then put yourself in a situation where somebody is gonna drag your sorry ass off their porch. Does she not know that is TRESPASSING? Lord have mercy on these pathetic girls. CPS needs to step in.

  5. Am I the only one who enjoys the aftershows WAY more than the actual shows? I think they stopped because MacKenzie was being too honest. She seems to acknowledge how she is in the wrong in situations and how she probably would ot have married Josh if not for Gannon. All the other girls seems like real people on the aftershows as well, and not the characters they portray on the show.

  6. Mackenzie needs support not verbally attacked josh is horrible to her and she ended to leave him he let some girl do that to his baby and wife he doesn’t deserve them

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