A Brief Update for my Readers

Hey guys. I went without reliable Internet access for about a week, and that was when this whole story really broke. Let me say first of all thank you to everyone who has read and commented. This has proven more interesting than I ever expected, and I will make a real update as soon as possible.

Secondly, I promised information, but was waiting until Nikkole gave her story before posting. Someone close to Nikkole and the others sent me screenshots of texts sent by Sam stating it was fake and that she wished Nikkole would admit it already. I will include those in my next post. I did not want to put that information out until Nikkole spoke, and ideally Sam had decided to come out with that voluntarily. That happened during my absence, so I will provide that information supporting Sam’s statement.

All your comments have been great, those who agreed as well as those who doubted my assertions. I’m grateful for The Ashley, Starcasm, and other sites who linked to my original post to give their readers a fuller perspective of the information.

I truly hope Nikkole gets help. I do not believe for a second that this pregnancy was legitimate, but if by some gastronomical coincidence she did suffer a stillbirth, partying and selling the story is hugely evident of her need for help. I do not hate her, I do not wish her ill will, I want her to get counseling from a therapist who will appropriately challenge her for behaving so unreasonably, as the mother to a young son.

There will be a more detailed update following this one, so check in for new posts. Thanks again guys.

If anyone has particular questions or doubts about this whole situation, feel free to comment below and I will answer them to the best of my ability!


33 thoughts on “A Brief Update for my Readers

  1. Your article definitely blew the story wide open. Great job. Maybe TMB can replace TMT lol. How did you gather all of the info you had?

    • The vast majority of that actually came from TMT commenters, who I wish I could credit fully!!!! Other things came from Instagram and just analytical nosiness. Unfortunately some of it isn’t accessible anymore, so it kind of weakens the post.

      Thanks so much for your praise. I love the comments on TMT but it’s no secret I’m not a fan of Heather. She’s an ass kisser and too worried about peripheral fame to write quality posts. Perhaps now that people have joined in discussion here, we can make this another spot to congregate and talk about the shows. 🙂

  2. I love your blog, but please please please stop saying gastronomical. it’s astronomical.
    but, kudos to you for being the safest and most honest blogger.

    • Haha alright. It’s one of those words like “normalcy” that’ve found their way into the language – thanks for the tip. It’s not one of my frequently used words. 😛

  3. The truth is out that the medical records came from Lyles birth and there is proof. Heather C needs to apologize and write an unbiased follow up article because if it were Farrah or jenelle or anyone else she would have already blown their cover by now

    • I think what she did was copy Lyle’s records onto a document that she formatted herself, no “photoshop” nonsense necessary for that. Misspelling fentanyl is just ridiculous evidence that she doctored it. She’s in bad shape legally – she could actually face criminal charges for this, from what I understand about falsifying medical records and fraud b

  4. I hope your new segment comes soon 🙂 it just bothers me that all these websites like TMT and Radar etc.. took the time to write about this but won’t publish any new evidence. And all comments posted to radar disproving her story have been immediately deleted. I just feel pike there is this big cover up going and it makes me mad. Write about a story, the entirety in its ugly truth if you are going to write about it all. She knew she was taking a huge risk by doing all this and consequences are hers, of choice. They are just ignoring the facts. I don’t understand. They even had a pic proving Lyle was born in room 313 as well.

    • The picture with the iPhone could’ve been altered using photoshop which has a distortion effect that can make a person appear pregnant from the front or side views.

      I hadn’t seen that ultrasound picture since she deleted her Instagram, thanks for the link

      • Whoops I didn’t see this reply. Idk all of her other photoshopped pictures looks photoshopped, but this one not so much?

      • I want to check out the photoshop effect myself. It’s interesting – The Ashley confirmed through her own experimentation that it could’ve been used for the pictures that, like you said, are verifiably newer.

  5. This is the only photo she posted that 1) is for sure recent (as in not Lyle) because of the phone 2) doesn’t look photoshopped and 3) the belly is too big to just push out. Anyone have a theory for this?

  6. Maybe she used some old photos of when she was pregnant with Lyle. Because in that picture on TMT where she’s holding the “Your Baby Can Read” system she’s wearing a long sleeve shirt. It’s summertime, why would anyone wear a long sleeve thermal, especially when they’re pregnant? Also, it’s not like women who were previously pregnant go back & delete all their photos. Just a thought.

    • That’s a good observation about the shirt – I think Sam mentioned something about that in her interview with The Real Teen Mom Talk saying she did it because of wearing the belly suit (they’re like onesies). But either way could be an explanation! Her belly looked weird in that pic like way bigger and maybe it was from Lyle..

  7. I keep checking nearly everyday ha ;p it seems as all the drama has died down but hell I still am interested in knowing all the details.

    • Aw no sad face! I’ll do some work tomorrow and write something. You guys who read and commented really made me happy, being able to discuss things as we did. I’ve been busy – started school, moved, lots of stuff in the past two weeks. I finally have a little time tomorrow.

      There’s some crazy updates of course!

  8. Hey, an idea for a story, no one else seems to care about… Chelsea’s website. It disappeared, and people are pissed because they put in orders like 8-9 weeks ago and never received it. Now the site is gone, and she will not respond to anyone on twitter about it.

    • Yeah the writer has been saying she was going to put something out for a while but nothing since her update. Though it does seem like a lot of the blogs are being abandone in the last few months.

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