Inconvenient Truths: 13 Reasons Why Nikkole Paulun Was Never Really Pregnant

The picture that started it all

The picture that started it all

Let me begin this with a disclaimer. I was not going to write a post about this, but since no other Teen Mom blogs have even addressed this controversy, I felt the need to compile a list of red flags that to me show Nikkole’s second pregnancy was faked for nine months.

If you have been following this story closely, many of these facts will not be news to you, but stick around – this is just part one to a series of updates, and I guarantee you there will be information posted here you won’t find anywhere else. For now, check out the thirteen most inconvenient facts for Miss Paulun in her endeavors to convince us her pregnancy was real – she just has no baby to prove it.

photo (4)

1. It all began with a pic posted on Teen Mom Talk, seen above. Nikkole did not look like she had recently given birth in the picture from the weekend of August – she was in a BIKINI, and completely disregarding her taut stomach and slim figure, post-birth there is copious bleeding for weeks that would be difficult to manage in a swimsuit.

A photo posted a week before her last pregnancy reference.

A photo posted a week before her last pregnancy reference. As discussed below, this photo looks photoshopped, with the belly portion below her arm appearing disproportionate to her face and shoulders.

2. Her last explicit mention of pregnancy was on July 21, meaning she had to have delivered no more than twelve days prior to the picture. This makes her appearance even more questionable, since some had explained her size by offering that she had delivered much earlier in July. While many women shrink quickly after delivery, the uterus takes weeks to return to its typical size. Other details have established that she would have given birth LESS THAN A WEEK and as few as four days before the music festival, if she’d actually been pregnant.

3. She has been accused of faking the pregnancy from the start by the “baby daddy” Mike and his girlfriend Teri. They even went as far to make her take a pregnancy test in Teri’s presence – but on TMT Teri has said she did NOT watch her, contrary to nikkole’s claims, and never actually heard her pee.

Believe it or not, there will be grosser rumors to consider in later posts.

Believe it or not, there will be grosser rumors to consider in later posts.

NB: once it was established among fans that her “pregnancy had ended” many quickly considered the alternatives to her having faked the pregnancy. Among these was hospitalization of her newborn, stillbirth, and adoption. Unbelievably, some coming to her defense even suggested she had miscarried around 24 weeks – which would mean they believed she had faked the last two and a half months of her pregnancy. Back to the list!

4. She is not acting like someone with a newborn, a premature baby in the hospital, or the grieving mother of a stillborn child. During August she has tweeted about out of state music festivals (which she attended, staying overnight), going to get food with friends, getting tattoos (a big, expensive looking back piece), out of town outings with friends, and going to the beach. No mention has been made of her son Lyle in weeks.

photo (5)

5. She’s duped people with a fake belly before! Well known by fans of the TM series is that MTV will often reshoot scenes they missed, and dress the cast with awful wigs to make the timeline seem realistic (everyone has to remember the awful wigs they had Chelsea wearing). During Nikkole’s 16&P episode, they shot a scene in which Nikkole had a pillow under her shirt, and she uploaded an image to instagram laughing about how fake it looked. Devon Broyles confirmed in the comments that MTV did the same with her.

6. After coming under fans’ scrutiny for her refusal to comment about Ashton, she deleted all of her pregnancy pictures from her instagram. Believe me, this was a big disappointment – I hadn’t yet decided to write this, but I really wanted to screenshot them for the page. In a similar move, prior to August Nikkole had been questioned through her instagram about her pregnancy, and when this happened she switched her profile to private. Something to hide, Nikkole?

The good doctor Mondragon Mcgrinder is based out of NYC, and likely shares a name with no one on the planet.

The good doctor Mondragon Mcgrinder is based out of NYC, and likely shares a name with no one on the planet.

7. Nikkole’s facebook page had ultrasound images posted to it, with her name on them – only the doctors’ offices at which the ultrasounds were performed aren’t in Michigan. The first is from NYC, and the one dated just a week later is from Florida. Nikkole did not mention any trips at the time, and it is obviously quite unlikely that she would be having doctors appointments even if she was traveling. These same images were discovered to be from here and another blog (whose owner requested I delete the link) through image searches conducted by TMT commenters. While the pictures are no longer visible on her “official” facebook, fans have attested to their presence there, in spite of Nikkole’s denials.

Name covered (and link deleted) per the requests of the ultrasound's owner.

Name covered (and link deleted) per the requests of the ultrasound’s owner.

The two ultrasounds – identical.

8. Courtney Drummond, sister of baby daddy Josh, has publicly stated that Nikkole was lying about her pregnancy, lamenting the confusion and hurt inflicted upon her nephew who “really believed he would be a big brother.” Others close to Nikkole, even within her own family, have acknowledged that the pregnancy was faked – more about this will be in the following posts.

Courtney also tweeted that she was watching Lyle as this drama unfolded.

Courtney also tweeted that she was watching Lyle as this drama unfolded.

9. Nikkole was seen by Mike’s girlfriend Teri on August 5, the day the picture was posted on TMT. During this encounter, Nikkole told Teri that she had had Ashton on July 28 (meaning the bikini photo would have been less than a week after delivery; this makes it even less probable that she had just given birth and “bounced back”). Unfortunately for Nikkole, this lie is easily discounted by those who know of her in Monroe – on Teri’s Facebook, several of her friends posted saying they had seen her Tuesday July 30 at the county fair WITH a baby bump – after she had allegedly had Ashton.

As an interesting side note, these details were posted on TMT by Teri and Mike’s sister-in-law, but the comments quickly disappeared. Heather Clouse has denied reading her site’s comments, and neglects to moderate disgustingly offensive comments made about the cast’s children, but somehow comments unfavorable to Nikkole were deleted from the post. In all likelihood, Nikkole asked Heather to delete these comments, and there’s a good reason to believe this because…

10. Someone claiming to be Nikkole herself began commenting on TMT denying that the “nikkole.paulun.54” Facebook belonged to her – this is the page displaying the fake ultrasounds that display her name and a date in April. Nikkole referred the readers to her own page, but many fans declared that the ultrasounds she denied posting WERE in fact on her “imakelyleasonofabetch” page (charming). While I honestly can’t give definitive answers to this Facebook oddity, I can offer a few bits of information that show the “54” account was not recently created to discredit Nikkole, as she suggested:

a) the dates – the pictures on “54” were not uploaded in August after the controversy emerged. They were posted in April, and screenshots here confirm it.

b) the pictures – as soon as Nikkole jumped onto TMT to convince people of her innocence (without giving any real confirmatory information), the ultrasound photos disappeared from the “fake” Facebook

c) the twitter – the twitter account linked to the “54” Facebook was Nikkole’s own account, and by her OWN ADMISSION that couldn’t be done without her password.

photo (8)

My conclusion is that Nikkole did create and upload those ultrasounds herself, especially since fans reported to have seen those same pictures on her own page. Even if a fan created the page to dupe people into thinking they were Nikkole, the material on the page closely mirrors that of Nikkole’s own page, including numerous pictures of Lyle, so it is likely the troll simply copied the ultrasounds from Nikkole’s actual page, and they were left up after she deleted them from hers. However, it is also possible that Nikkole herself created the page (an idea bolstered by the twitter oddity) as a scapegoat should her ultrasounds be proven to be false.

There was no shortage of photos on the "54" facebook - all uploaded in real time

There was no shortage of photos on the “54” facebook – all uploaded in real time

11. Immediately after Nikkole stopped commenting on TMT, a poster named Ambie showed up, who stated that MTV was filming a special with Nikkole. She claimed to be have this knowledge because her cousin is an MTV intern. Other than the fact that an intern would absolutely NOT be privy to such information and its revelation would constitute a contract violation, Ambie screwed up her dates – she explicitly stated that the “stillbirth special” would air AFTER TM3, specifically in late September – but TM3 would not likely end until October or later, and when this was pointed out Ambie backtracked and said it would be BETWEEN episodes of TM3. All in all, this was clearly a red herring – I strongly believe that this was all made up and posted by Nikkole, since after this happened…

12. She has tweeted that she is filming! Unbelievably, Nikkole highlighted that MTV filmed her showing her new tattoo to her mom, and she found it humorous that her mother disliked it. Does this sound like material that would be a part of a show about a DEAD BABY?! And how likely is it that MTV would learn of Nikkole experiencing a stillbirth and contact her to ask to film her grief and devastation? To believe that MTV is filming Nikkole, one would have to concede that Nikkole contacted them herself, at the very best portraying her not as a liar, but such a despicable person to hope to profit from the death of her child with money, fame and attention.

13. Last but not least, the photos. Most skeptical fans cited the baby bump photos posted by Paulun throughout 2013 as proof of her pregnancy, and most would believe the matter could be resolved as simply as that. However, as I’ve learned since researching this matter, there are vast resources available online for a woman wanting to stage a pregnancy. I cannot say which pictures were altered in which manner, but I’d like to point out that her plethora of photos could have been staged with a number of methods:

Like Nikkole and Jenelle before her, the baby will be christened "Ashton"

Like Nikkole and Jenelle before her, the baby will be christened “Ashton”

A. Knocked App – even for those unacquainted with photo editing techniques, there is actually an app that will add a pregnant belly to any photo, even pics of bare bellies.

B. Photoshop – This site explains how built into the program is the capability to distort imagery to make a belly appear pregnant, from straight on and profile view, with the option to appear progressively more pregnant. There’s also the good old fashioned method of combining multiple images, and two pictures seem to have been made with this technique.

At 15 weeks. To me, the bump looks just pasted on and a diffrent color.

At 15 weeks. To me, the bump looks just pasted on and a diffrent color.

C. Photos from her first pregnancy – it appears that Nikkole still lives with her mother, and it is possible for her to have simply recycled pictures from her pregnancy with Lyle.

D. Fake baby bump – many of those who live in the Monroe area and who are acquainted with Nikkole have confirmed to have seen her in public with a baby bump, but there are a disturbing number of sites that peddle fake pregnancy bellies (full of wacky justifications for buying one, like feeling closer to an adopted baby). One of these sites is The more expensive silicone bellies are touted to “look and feel realistic” and stand up to realism even in photographs or videos – but Nikkole wouldn’t have had to buy a fake belly to create a bump. A search of “how to fake a pregnancy” pulls up tons of sites advising women to use helmets or water-filled beach balls to create a baby bump. With the latter method, you can gradually increase the size of the belly by adding more water, and the weight of the water actually simulates the changes in balance a pregnant woman experiences, adding an element of realism to the wearer’s movements.

this wouldn’t have to be photoshopped, if Nikkole owns a beach ball and ace bandage.

this wouldn’t have to be photoshopped, if Nikkole owns a beach ball and ace bandage.

I firmly believe that Nikkole will declare she experienced a stillbirth, a claim which can easily be discredited. Not only did her twitter feed fail to indicate she was ever hospitalized to deliver, but she never took a break from gallivanting around at gatherings and events to actually bury her baby. A stillbirth legally requires a burial to follow, and no burial or funeral has been held since Nikkole stopped appearing pregnant.

To suggest she has suffered a stillbirth is a slap in the face to anyone who ever lost a child. I think reluctance to have her lies disproven is why Nikkole has not yet commented on the situation, and keeps trying to buy time with her fans by declaring she has to stay silent for a few days or a few weeks longer. She will have to explain WHY she HAD to stay silent, after making such remarks, and her lie will have to just continue growing if there’s any hope of her not being found out.

Orchestrating such an elaborate scheme is more than just a red flag that Nikkole needs help – it can potentially subject her to legal troubles. She has publicly announced multiple times that the father of her baby was Mike Sindone, so he has a legal right to know what happened to his child she supposedly carried. Depending on the nature of her interaction with Mike during her “pregnancy,” Nikkole could be susceptible to a suit of intentional infliction of emotional distress.

While no one except Nikkole really knows what happened during her pregnancy, for the reasons above I strongly feel that she has fabricated this entire pregnancy out of a vindictive desire to complicate Mike’s life. Regardless, I actually feel concern for Nikkole. To pretend to be pregnant and take it this far is something only a very sick person would do, and she went as far as to tell her son he would have a little sibling. I am actually posting this out of a desire that she confront her lies and get treatment for such unhealthy behaviors.

Consider these facts and conclude what you wish, but to me, there is no other possible explanation for all of these bizarre occurrences. Nikkole Paulun faked her second pregnancy for the entirety of 2013. Disagree? Comment below and tell me why I’m wrong!

And keep checking TMB for updates – the exclusive reports are soon to come!


220 thoughts on “Inconvenient Truths: 13 Reasons Why Nikkole Paulun Was Never Really Pregnant

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  4. i think its funny that people judge other people and they have not got a clue about their lives. nikkole could of been pregnant and had a still birth. how does someone act if they have a misscarrige or stillbirth? how should they act? everybody grieves differently, some people keeps to themselves , some people may feel like going and getting drunk, some people may feel like blocking out the fact that they have just lost a child. i believe nikkole was pregnant and had a still birth. its nobody elses business what happened during her pregnancy with ashton or what happened when he was born. leave the girl alone for christ sake and get on with your own lives instead of making crap up about other people. i hope anybody that believes that she was never pregnant or she faked her pregnancy and she never lost her baby never ever have to go through the process of misscarrige or stillbirth because i guarantee you act different to anybody else that has been through the same experiance.

    • Why are you defending a dumb skank who popped out another bastard child? People know too much about her life as she was stupid enough to go on tv when she got knocked up with her first bastard. Yet she did not learn her lesson and did I again. Not only that, she made it public knowledge that she was burning another bun in the broken oven. Should people feel sympathy for whores who choose their own calamitous paths in life?

  5. You guys say that this girl has issues, well look at all of you! Why are you all so obsessed with whether or not she is pregnant?? Do you people have nothing better to do? Is her life so much more interesting than your own that you must basically stalk her? This all seems pretty pathetic to me… And FYI a funeral IS NOT a requirement. If she had the baby creamated there would not even be a burial. I hear you spouting off “facts” in this article and its painfully apparent you don’t know s***. Just my opinion dear.

    • Bitch, this article is almost 4 years old! You can’t call someone pathetic while you dig 3 and a half years back on the internet….

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