Nikkole Paulun Milks Friend’s Preterm Labor for Attention, Heather Clouse Defends Their Pregnant Partying

photo (6)

Catching an hCG buzz in Detroit, y’all!

 Good lord. Where to begin this one. I guess I should preface this with an admission that I’ve written about Nikkole Paulun twice already, the first time because she taunted baby daddy #2’s girlfriend over her unplanned pregnancy, and the second to share Nikkole’s side of the story and her denial that cheating was involved “when they conceived” (nicely precise wording there, honey).

While it’s easy to write about the girls who appear on Teen Mom, I have to admit, I do feel a little bad dragging the 16 and Pregnant alums into the spotlight, because what they signed up for was a one-shot deal. Yet Nikkole was rumored to have been considered for Teen Mom 2, but denied due to labor laws, and she hasn’t exactly been trying to stay out of the public eye. She became involved with Corey Simms after he and Leah separated, even bringing up the drama again over a year after it was over. Not to mention she pushes her Sulia posts about the other Teen Moms via twitter on a daily basis. When it comes down to it, my conscience tells me that Nikkole is fair game, and I’m writing about her for a third time because of an incident that occurred Monday night.

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Neither have I, nor do I intend to be in any situations where that could go down.

Around 7:30 that evening, Nikkole posted the above tweet, and a few hours later two vine videos were shared to her account. The first depicts a crowd of people, including Nikkole and her friend Sam, chanting, “East side, West side,” from what I can tell – but the noise isn’t what catches my attention. My WTF moment centered around the fact that both Nikkole and Sam are in their third trimester of pregnancy, are out in Detroit on a weeknight, and right in the middle of a rowdy crowd of people wildly jumping around. This I gathered from a six second video. Now I must ask, in all seriousness, what about this situation is great for two heavily pregnant women?


“Shouldn’t you two be at a yoga class or something?”

Right after the tweet about gunshots (we’ll get to those in a minute), Nikkole posted that Sam was hit in the stomach by someone while they were running. That’s where the second vine video comes in: it shows Sam on a gurney on an ambulance, and Nikkole saying she’s “never going to Detroit again” (cuz it’s the city’s fault they were in that crowd?). For the next few hours, Nikkole tweeted about the situation, saying Sam was entering labor at 33 weeks along, and that the doctors were going to great lengths to keep her from delivering. The next day the preterm labor drama continued, with Sam’s contractions continuing to happen just two minutes apart. Then on Wednesday, Sam started dilating, and was taken to labor and delivery. Thankfully, they were able to stop her contractions, and it looks like her daughter will not be born so dangerously early.

In the midst of the hospital updates, Nikkole was also tweeting that the Detroit new “covered up” that a shooting had actually occurred (a local station stated that police found no evidence of a shooting, and that the chaos was due to fireworks). But Nikkole apparently has the inside scoop and “saw it herself,” you know, while she and her pregnant friend were bouncing around a makeshift mosh pit. She also posted several tweets suggesting she was traumatized by what had occurred, and that she was thankful to be alive and well.

The feeling I get from all this DRAMA – and make no mistake, that’s what it was – is that this young mother really wants attention, and is doing what she can to get it. After all, going out to party with a friend who is just as heavily pregnant as you are, on a weeknight, in an admittedly rough city, when you already have a son sitting at home, whose father is incarcerated, because of domestic violence he committed against you… Well that’s just quite the sensational tale! I’m not doubting that people thought shots were fired, they started running, and Sam was injured during the chaos. But what the FUCK are these two young pregnant women doing putting themselves in a situation like this?! Maybe they just don’t care what happens as long as they can get attention during the aftermath. They certainly seemed to enjoy the attention Nikkole’s fans were giving them during her repeated tweets about Sam’s health. I mean, isn’t it customary to keep someone’s health information relatively private? I dunno, maybe I’m just old fashioned.

Heather Clouse, Teen Mom Talk blogger and ass-kisser of most chicks who’ve appeared on the shows, clearly understands the situation better than I. She quickly started defending Nikkole when other fans questioned what she was doing running around Detroit when she is so far along in her pregnancy. HC characterized the duo’s evening as tame, just walking around looking at fireworks. But when someone commented about the video I mentioned above, HC sidestepped that inconvenient fact by saying she hadn’t seen it (doubtful). Maybe Heather shouldn’t be so quick to judge people’s opinions when they know more about the situation – the videos made it obvious that she wasn’t just going out to watch the fireworks and get ice cream. But I’m sure most readers know what Heather Clouse’s motivations were for defending her. [wink] Anyway, let’s call the outing what it was – a party. Nikkole and her pregnant friend were out partying late in their pregnancies.

photo (2)

Heather Clouse demonstrating her manners.

Beyond the idea that moms should just be “sitting at home” is the rational belief that a woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy shouldn’t be practically moshing with an equally pregnant friend. The critics also pointed out some bizarre timing with the tweets and videos Nikkole posted, regarding contradictory statements about whether there were shots or just fireworks. Furthermore, she was at the hospital and had already tweeted about the contractions when she shared the clip of the rowdy crowd – so what was she expecting her followers to think, given that they knew the outcome of them attending such an event?

photo (3)

photo (4)

I think most people reading this would agree that pregnant women or mothers can go out and have fun. I’ve never read anyone on other blogs stating that the girls on 16 and Pregnant shouldn’t attend their prom, and most were in agreement that Adam was a douchebag for criticizing Chelsea going to her homecoming. Nikkole has every right to do what she wants, if her mother or someone else is willing to watch her son for her – but advertising her partying, however infrequent, on social media is going to buy her some criticism. I wouldn’t be out partying if I had a kid at home and another on the way, not because it’s “wrong” but because I couldn’t see myself wanting to. Hey, maybe it’s like that scene in Knocked Up where Allison and her sister go to the club to reclaim their freedom. Maybe they’re just enjoying the last few weeks they have before taking on the challenges of a newborn. But how the fuck did they not see their environment was potentially risky to their unborn children?

What do y’all think about Nikkole and her friend choosing to put themselves in that situation when their pregnancies are so advanced? I’m interested in hearing what people who’ve had children think about this behavior, or “pregnant partying” in general. And maybe we’ll get lucky and get Nikkole’s own take on it again. Fingers crossed!

Oh, and by the way – Sam went home Thursday morning, without delivering her daughter. At least we can all be thankful of that.


3 thoughts on “Nikkole Paulun Milks Friend’s Preterm Labor for Attention, Heather Clouse Defends Their Pregnant Partying

  1. I feel like no one is acknowledging that this is DETROIT. A state this is in COMPLETE disarray. I absolutely believe that these pregnant chicks would act this way.

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