Farrah: “Anti-Government” Really “Anti-Punishment” for DUI Offenders

I think the title of her next porno should be "Backdoor Slore."

I think the title of her next porno should be “Backdoor Slore.”

As someone who’s adopted conservative beliefs about government’s purpose, my interest was piqued when reports of Farrah’s “anti-government rant” surfaced yesterday on the Teen Mom blogosphere. To me, the word conservative doesn’t mean you have religious or traditional values, but that you believe in the Federal government conservatively interpreting the Constitution’s allowances of it (check out Tenth Amendment Center for more on that). Since Farrah was vocal about voting for Romney, I thought there was a slim possibility that she had said something smart for once about government needing to downsize – because I truly believe that big government DOES “fuck up your life!” Of course, I was completely wrong in believing Farrah capable of any intelligent thought.

Don't get it twisted, readers – I'm a Libertarian who voted for Gary Johnson, because the Republican Party is NOT about downsizing government.

Don’t get it twisted, readers – I’m a Libertarian who voted for Gary Johnson, because the Republican Party is NOT about downsizing government.

Farrah’s “anti-government” rant was really another way for her to blame everyone but herself for her DUI, slapping a heaping dose of martyrdom on top of it. As The Ashley reported, Farrah posted a Keek video captioned “F-bomb the government” documenting her tirade about how unfair and mean the state was to impose DUI classes, a fine, and 60 hours of therapy upon her – after she BROKE A LAW geared toward preventing her from KILLING SOMEONE.

Laws – are they always fair? No! When a law is unconstitutional, it’s technically no law at all, and I believe wholeheartedly in jury nullification in such cases (federal drug statutes, anyone?). Here’s the thing though, Farrah: driving is NOT a right, it is a privilege, and it is up to the states to determine under what conditions you are permitted to engage in a dangerous, potentially fatal act – she does remember that Sophia’s father was killed by drunk driving, right?!

“So if you’re going to be under the government and try to get through things and waste $4,000, they’re gonna just fuck up your life,” she rants. “Have fun!”

Dumb, dumb, dumb. First of all, her use of the English language makes me cringe. She really fails at getting her point across when her diction is all over the place like that. Secondly, the fact that she sees her fine as a “waste” of money is sickening. I’d much rather the institution of government be supported by the fines of those who knowingly violate laws than through an income tax that has gone hand-in-hand with the inflation of our currency. THIRDLY, the dumb trick is saying she’s already completed the conditions of her DUI (other than her probationary period), and she’s COMPLAINING?! I’ve known a number of people who were arrested for drunk driving, and it followed them for years after the offense, in some cases pretty much ruining their (and their parents’!) lives.

This is your pregnancy prevention role model, folks!

This is your pregnancy prevention role model, folks!

I’m sure the Mothers Against Drunk Driving would be glad to see someone personally affected by drunk driving having such a flippant attitude toward the laws for which they campaigned so aggressively. This, by the way, is after she brags that she is serious about responsible drinking because she’s a mother. And didn’t this bitch have the gall to blame the parents of Derrick and the other kid for her not having a boyfriend anymore for her daughter being fatherless? With that logic, she should be blaming herself for his death, since she allegedly never confirmed to him that she was pregnant – maybe he would have made different choices if he’d known he was going to be a father. But of course she would never make such an admission, because I can’t think of a single instance in which Farrah took personal responsibility for any of the misfortunes she’s experienced.Y’all might not share my beliefs about government, but I think we can all agree that Farrah needs to check her attitude before she crawls even deeper into that pit she’s digging herself.


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