UPDATE: Mackenzie Douthit and Fiance to Wed, Stay in Oklahoma!

A fan replying to a TeenMomHeaven post shares that Mackenzie and Josh are definitely to stay in Oklahoma, where she’s enrolled and joining tumbling at NEO, and that their wedding is ON! The comment, citing Mackenzie’s personal facebook page, states that the wedding is set for August 17th, will be held in Kansas, and that the couple plans to stay in Oklahoma “where they belong.”

Honestly, this sounds like a good thing for them – trying to take on the new responsibilities of marriage, home buying, college, and the military is a whole lot at once, especially when they’re already parenting! Plus, their house hunting would be a lot easier to manage in an area familiar to them, not to mention way more affordable than anything in California!


On their way to the rodeo this week. Apparently she learned “not to take away someone’s rodeo” as advised in their 16&P episode #funnycandidlines

Still, some questions remain unanswered: there’s still no word on whether Josh is still enlisted in the Marine Corps, but it seems unlikely that the commitment is entirely broken. Are the two going to take on their first months of marriage separately? Military spouses do it all the time, but it’s a hell of a strain on any relationship, especially when the partners are young and have so much growing to do. If they start their young lives separately from one another, how well are they going to integrate their lives when they finally settle on a path to follow?

Regardless of how vague things seem to fans right now, I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more detail when Teen Mom 3 comes out – I didn’t think I’d be excited for MTV’s FOURTH series about teen parenthood, but they got me. Damn.


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