Jenelle Asks to Be “Left Alone” about Raising Her Son – Buys Home with Boyfriend of Less Than a Month

In her long-held series of poor decision making, Jenelle follows her pattern to a tee! Not only has she begun a new relationship just weeks after her rumored pregnancy and abortion (father UNKNOWN out of three potentials, if you can believe that shocker), not only is she proclaiming him to be her soulmate after less than a month, but they’re moving in together – in a house they BOUGHT. Yes, after less than a month of knowing each other (let’s get real, they haven’t “been talking” for three months, like that makes any difference), Jenelle and Nathan purchased a home together, and yes, they are both on the deed. (Tell me, what’s going to happen to this home if Jenelle goes to prison, OD’s, or gets back on heroin? Does she not think of securing Jace’s financial future too?!)


What good’s this place going to be to her while she’s in prison? She should have her MOM on the deed so Jace can stay at least!

Just for fun, let’s play that this might be a good idea. After all, Nathan was touted Jenelle to be squeaky clean, with multiple jobs and a healthy athletic lifestyle he’s encouraging her to take on. But as soon as she posted a picture of him (because her entire life has to be documented on social media!), it quickly came out that he had a live-in girlfriend when they first went out. Fans soon uncovered more – Craigslist ads showing off his bulked up body, advertising himself for anonymous and “kinky” sex. Unsurprisingly but somewhat bizzarely, the online sex history of Nathan includes posing for gay erotica, and it quickly was speculated that he was just another famewhore seeking to become “alnost fanous” through MTV.


You gotta admit, he kinda does have gayface.

Considering that it’s been confirmed that Nathan is filming with Jenelle for season five of Teen Mom 2, he just might have the dream fulfilled that Courtland missed out on (heroin can be a real drag, yo). And today, Wet Paint has reported that Nathan has a two-year-old daughter, not to be confused with the daughter of his girlfriend who he was raising as well (and to whom he no longer is a father figure). At least he has walking out on an innocent child in common with Jenelle, because what the hell else would these two share?

So, Nathan has two kids who are in his life, but who knows how often, and one of whom he apparently just walked out on to be with Jenelle (?); the mother of that child in all likelihood was still with him when he started this impeding disaster of a relationship; he recently was soliciting kinky sex from strangers on Craigslist; he’s speculated to be gay, looking for publicity, or even an MTV plant to clean up Jenelle’s image; and this has all come out in the month that it took for him and Jenelle to fall in love. Tell me, WHAT ABOUT THIS SITUATION MAKES IT A GOOD IDEA FOR THEM TO ENTER INTO A HUGE FINANCIAL COMMITMENT? Not to mention, yesterday All the Teen Moms reported that Nathan was sexting with his most recent ex – oh yeah, this guy’s a real winner.


*Jenelle and Nathan’s first conversation in May, because that exchange clearly proves he has no ulterior motives or wasn’t hired by MTV (not).*

Of course, Jenelle lives a life far beyond what any typical person would consider reasonable. The past two days she spent warring with other moms on twitter, and she spends all her time reading about her own TV show to use her costars’ lives to profit on Sulia. And today she’s been posting screenshots to “prove” that Nathan isn’t an MTV plant or on the DL (my favorite part about that “explanation” is how he says he couldn’t be gay because he was in the Marines – ha!).

I was hoping that the purchase of her home had been brokered by MTV in lieu of paying her cash for season five, but I have a hard time believing Nathan would have been put on the deed if they’d been involved. It’s just sad that this chick doesn’t even raise her son (babysitting and weekend visits do not a parent make), and she’s working so hard on starting her life with a guy she barely knows. Everyone’s on their best behavior in the first three months of any relationship, romantic or friendly, and we all know there’s going to be some major drama before too long, especially since the way they got together is fishy as hell.

And then, there’s this…


This just makes me sad – nothing funny about it. And her idiotic fans…*sigh*

Sadly, Jenelle thinks she’s on the right track, and maybe she’s improving some aspects of her life – she plans to reenroll in school, and may not be using hard drugs anymore. I don’t care about young parents drinking or smoking weed sometimes, even daily if they are fulfilling all other responsibilities. But Jenelle has far too much time on her hands that she wastes online, going to restaurants or movies, playing with her friends, or just immersing herself in drama – and this is the perfect time for her to be rebuilding her relationship with Jace (remember him?). The time isn’t after she has everything done to start being a parent, because Jenelle, your education is just the beginning of your adult life, and things don’t get easier once you’re working. If she doesn’t start making Jace a priority soon and making her home become HIS home, and not sharing it with the man of the week, then I think Barbara is going to have custody of him until he is grown.


If my damn tickah even lasts that friggen long!

Do you think Jenelle has turned her life around? Post your predictions for her new relationship in the comments below!


Just so I don’t end on the note of child abandonment or heart failure. #considerate


8 thoughts on “Jenelle Asks to Be “Left Alone” about Raising Her Son – Buys Home with Boyfriend of Less Than a Month

  1. I love your posts! Very classy and funny at the same time PRICELESS in this day and age! You hit the nail on the head every time Thanks for the entertainment! I wasn’t a teen mom but I was a 21 yr old young mom (actually turned 21 when I was 7mos pregnant!) I was a bartender at night, I put myself thru college when my son was 5 AND volunteered at his kindergarten 3-5 days a week, phew! I don’t know if I could do that now so TG I was young then! He’s 17 now and I am a #PROUDMAMA he is amazing and loves his mom very much, I didn’t sacrifice my youth, I partied (pretty hard sometimes lol) but HE came first and I was always with him. She needs to grow the hell up and STOP with the shenanigans (love that word lol) I pray that sometimes our words and scolding get through to her sometimes, and I don’t think anyone deserves ill will but she always thinks she is above everything and for an addict that’s a dangerous place to be, hence why I truly believe some folks just aren’t cut out to be #ALNOSTFANOUS

    • Haha you cracked me up with this comment! Kudos to you for putting your kid first, especially kindergarten volunteering! (my mom is an elementary school teacher and it’s great when parents get involved in their kids’ schooling early on.)

      And yeah, partying isn’t some sin once you have kids. Like I said above, being a young mom doesn’t mean you have to be a saint, although some people see it that way. Way I see it, if you can get some partying in sometimes, I’m all for it! But Jenelle isn’t anywhere close to that, and I think it’s terrible that her crazy fans enable her (that’s why unfortunately I don’t see our “scolding” getting through – she has way too much reinforcement for her irresponsibility). And you’re totally right, she thinks she’s above everything.

      In the first article I wrote about Jenelle, I said I think this is the most dangerous time in her life, for exactly that reason. She thinks things are going to just work out without her having to work toward success. It’s scary that she has a house now (if she didn’t buy it outright she is not going to keep it, mortgages are way too heavy for her to handle). I really wish Jace had a shot at having his mom, but by now I don’t know whether it’s even good for him.

      I kind of have a feeling that he’s going to end up with his aunt or uncle, because Barbara is going to be pretty old when he’s a teen. 😦

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! It means a lot. Hope you enjoy the other posts I’ve made!!! And

  2. I wasn’t a teen mom either, but i did get pregnant around the time I turned 21. Its been a little over a year now. I’m going to school full time, looking for work and still taking care of my baby. Luckily I have help from my mom, who is just as intrusive as Janelle’s mom, but i don’t let her get to me like she does. Being a mother doesn’t mean you take a break and get your life together and then pick up your baby. You don’t pick and choose the days you’re a mom, you’re there everyday. I’m young and believe me, it gets stressful, but not for a minute do i ever think “I need a break let me just drop my baby off with grandma for, oh lets say 3 months” Shes stupid, I’m sorry but its the truth.

    Anyways love your posts, keep them coming 🙂

    • Amen Luz. That’s a lot you’ve got on your plate, with the mother situation on top of it. I think that’s the most interesting insight of your post, that an intrusive mother can compound your stress while at the same time making it possible for you to achieve your autonomy. Jace would be so much happier if Jenelle had done what you’re doing – taken advantage of the opportunity her mother provided and been a strong adult instead of an immature child. Kudos to you for having emotional strength to take on your challenges head on! I’m sure your kiddo is going to respect the hard work mommy took on 🙂 thank you so much for reading, and good luck with school!

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