Catelynn and Tyler on Couple’s Therapy: My Preliminary Thoughts – and What’s Up with their Wedding?


In all seriousness, Cate looks amazing here, doing her speaking engagement on adoption.

While I’ve had way too many quarts of Busch Classic to undergo watching Vh1’s Couple’s Therapy tonight, I thought I should give my first impressions while they’re still untainted by the magnificent program I’m sure it is.

I used to love watching shitty shows like Parental Control, I Love New York (2), and that one where the couples would be confronted during a weekend retreat by their exes (the X-factor? am I making that shit up in a drunken daze?). Couple’s Therapy seems to be on par with such great programs, especially considering the awesome Flavor Flav will be appearing. My blogosphere research has told me that Mr. Flav made quite the scandal in the first episode, and I’m just looking forward to watching all the drama myself.


Remember this shit? …Sorry!

In all seriousness, though, the wedding date Catelynn and Tyler had set was for next month (or this one – June and July get all wonky in my brain sometimes), and since neither of their twitter calendars displays the occasion any longer, it appears that the wedding has been postponed.

Honestly, if they’re not getting married now, I don’t know whether it’s ever going to happen. I used to root for them so much, and I was happy to see that they bought a kick ass house together that neither of their drugged-out (but charming) parents could ruin. Yet Tyler was shown to be more and more critical of Catelynn in later seasons of Teen Mom, and even her awesome weight loss (you go girl!) hasn’t seemed to have truly changed his attitude toward her. But then again, I’m just basing this all on twitter crap, and I have yet to see their new TV series!


As someone who just donated 13″ to Locks of Love, I MAINTAIN she needs to grow that shit out. She seriously looks great though.

Check in tomorrow for my first ever recap, and while you’re at it, let me know in the comments what you think about the fate of Catelynn and Tyler’s relationship.


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