Nikkole Paulun Thinks Being a Homewrecker is Funny

UPDATE: Nikkole herself responded to the article on my twitter. Read the exclusive story here!

If by "funny" you mean "SAD AS FUCK!"

If by “funny” you mean “SAD AS FUCK!”

When Nikkole Paulun’s 16 and Pregnant episode aired, I have to admit, I was stunned – surprised at how young she was (just 15!), struck by her mom’s strong yet resigned support, and shocked at the disgusting emotional abuse she was dealt by her son’s father Josh. Since then, I’ve wondered how she has fared, and things seemed to be alright for her and baby Lyle last year: she was engaged to Josh (with a gorgeous ring too), and he seemed to have turned his life around, having given up drugs and fully committed to his child’s mother.

But then there were reports of Nikkole having cheated on Josh, leading to their breakup – and I UNDERSTOOD! Hey, the entire audience of 16 and Pregnant was in an uproar following her episode, because Josh was flat out abusive. I assumed that his controlling ways had not stopped, and that Nikkole was simply getting out of the relationship in an immature but necessary act of desperation.

Then it came to be that she got pregnant again by a different guy.

A guy with a girlfriend.

Makes my heart feel lukewarm.

Nice drawers. Makes my heart feel lukewarm.

 That alone wasn’t enough to turn me against Nikkole. I still felt sorry for her for undergoing such relationship chaos as a kid, and there was something likable about her that I saw in her episode. But then, in a lame search to find new pics of her baby bump, I came across some downright meanspirited twitter posts that showed me a different side of Ms. Nikkole.

No reason for her to be posting this shit other than jealousy.

Um, isn’t this chick the victim here?

Nikkole clearly thought these were hilarious, and couldn’t help sharing them with her fans – but I’m sorry, but there’s nothing cool about being the “other woman,” especially when you’re so irresponsible about it that you get pregnant. Seems to me that she thought getting knocked up with this guy’s baby was going to win him over, and when he stuck with his girlfriend, she got bitter and turned on the innocent victim of the whole thing!

Ladies, there’s no reason to attack the girlfriend when you are experiencing unrequited affection from a cheater. She may be the dumbest trick in town, but the guy is the one with whom you have an issue, yes? If he is a real MAN, he wouldn’t be cheating in the first place, and if you’re going to take issue with someone, then call his ass out! And maybe YOU’VE got some damn issues to work through yourself, if you think a worthy potential father figure is someone who is unfaithful to his significant other.

Nikkole has posted some other meanspirited attacks on her second baby-daddy’s girlfriend, making such twitter proclamations as, “I don’t want him. Nobody does. That’s why he’s with you.” (Alright, I do have to admit it’s a good burn.)

All in all, her conduct just exposes her as a shallow, immature, and bitter young woman who I hope does some soul searching before giving birth to her second son.

What do you think of Nikkole Paulun’s low blows to the victim of her baby daddy’s infidelity?


7 thoughts on “Nikkole Paulun Thinks Being a Homewrecker is Funny

  1. I think she has obvious daddy issues. Maybe her dad left her when she was really young. Those girls are always my favorite

    • Grizzly – agreed! She just said on twitter something like, “Father’s day makes me sad because I don’t have a relationship with my father and neither will my sons.”

      If Josh isn’t in Lyle’s life, other than for legal reasons, it’s kind of her doing… Ya know?

      • Yeah, since before Nikkole was public with her pregnancy – but he seemed to have turned around before she cheated. Like I said, I’d assumed she was cheating because he was still controlling and abusive, and maybe he was. But what’s keeping him from being a presence in his son’s life unless she disallows it?

        I do know the charges had some element of domestic violence to them. I would be interested to know the extent of his violations to better understand this whole situation. It’s definitely not one I’d want my child growing up around, that’s for sure.

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