Mackenzie Douthit House Hunting – What Happened to her May Wedding?

UPDATE: Mackenzie Douthit’s personal FaceBook page shares with friends details about their relationship and home search!


With this couple’s unpredictability, I hope to God they’re renting.

Mackenzie Douthit, mother to 20-month-old Gannon and new star of Teen Mom 3, has had an eventful last three years, and this month she has been looking to take another step forward with her son’s father Josh Mckee: this afternoon she announced on her twitter that she and Josh were house hunting! Mackenzie and Josh have a long past, and while they seem like an adorable couple and loving parents,  just a fraction of their history is making me hope they’re renting! After becoming betrothed last year, Mackenzie and Josh broke off their engagement in October, but continued dating (for reasons I’m sure we’ll be seeing on TM3). Then Josh proposed again in January, and they began making wedding plans for May! Josh even joined the Marine Corps, and it was rumored that he would be stationed in San Diego, where the two were discussing moving. Yet in March, the couple split up completely, just two months before the wedding. A few days later, they got back together and posted adorable engagement photos online. But their May wedding never happened, and there’s been no word on whether the couple is engaged, or simply together and working on their relationship.


The only thing I am certain of is that this couple is friggen adorable.

Before any wedding talk came up, an event of perhaps even greater significance happened in the couple’s lives. Prior to the pregnancy shown on 16 and Pregnant, Mackenzie was carrying another child, and lost the baby in a miscarriage. It’s been said (although unconfirmed by my searches) that her first pregnancy had been somewhat advanced when it ended, and the couple was devastated by the experience. In light of this information, her subsequent pregnancy with Gannon could have been planned, in response to losing that child. I’m not judging the couple if that is the case, because I knew a girl in high school who went through the same ordeal and kept trying and trying to get pregnant again. For any woman, miscarrying could be a disturbing suggestion that you’re not capable of maintaining a pregnancy, and even if it had been unwanted in the first place, a miscarriage could incite some desire to get pregnant again, to be certain that you are able to have a child. Regardless, it’s rumored that this backstory will be covered on Teen Mom 3 when it airs.

If Mackenzie planned her pregnancy with Gannon, it could be driving her to embrace her accelerated direction toward motherhood and marriage. But it’s obvious that independent pursuits still appeal to her, like her cheering, and even her apparent uncertainty about her relationship with Josh. After all, she’s still only a teenager, and has already dealt with difficult heath problems, two pregnancies, a miscarriage, engagements, motherhood, and rigorously competitive athletics to say the least! But now she’s considering marriage, and becoming a military wife at that; and how well will her cheering and education fit into a life with such responsibilities already? Obviously Mackenzie is motivated to grow up and settle into her adult roles, and I can’t find a problem with wanting to establish stability early when you’re a young mother. But cheering, the military lifestyle, and the relationship turmoil is exactly the opposite influence necessary to attaining early stability in your direction in life.


Did I say she needed more stability? I take that back, she and Josh seem pretty well balanced. HA!

College athletics, including those peripheral to other sports (like cheering and even marching band), are fairly demanding in their practice and performance schedules. And what exactly happened to the May wedding they were supposedly on track toward after their reconciliation? It’s June, and there are no reports of the marriage following through – but they’re house hunting! Even more important to consider is where will they be looking for a home, since Josh was rumored to be stationed in San Diego County, but Mackenzie is supposed to be going to school and tumbling at A&M Northeastern Oklahoma! How are they going to reconcile their totally seemingly incompatible life plans?

Mackenzie certainly seems to have an interesting life, and I hope for her and her family’s sake that they find stability as they grow together. Plus, they’re a fricken adorable threesome. All in all, I look forward to following her on Teen Mom 3.

Is Mackenzie moving too fast with her family life, or is she already on the path so she might as well get to it? What about her cheering – is it a fruitless pursuit that’s holding her back, or necessary for her individual growth and happiness? And where the hell do you think they’re going to move? Comment below!


17 thoughts on “Mackenzie Douthit House Hunting – What Happened to her May Wedding?

  1. I hope they move somewhere they can live a peaceful happy fulfilling life. I wish people were as interested in politics and our country, as they are immature, retarded, nobody teen moms. This just proves where our society is headed, down the shitter!

  2. Yes I see the droves of readers flocking mindlessly to these forums, they all seem to be near oriented. You sure this isn’t just a big convo with yourself!!?

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  4. Mackenzie is nothing but a straight up BITCH! Me and her husband Josh Mckee were talking as “friends” on facebook one night and she messaged me saying she was going to knock my teeth down my throat and blah blah blah! She is nothing but a trouble maker, one of my really good friends is friends with Mackenzie and Josh, so I know of them. I always liked Mackenzie on the show, but ever since me and Josh had a one time conversation on facebook, she blew the hell up. I have always heard Mackenzie is a shit starter and likes to stir the pot. Shes a dramatic dumb little child, don’t get me wrong shes a good mom, but damn that girl loves her some drama. Josh wasn’t even hitting on me, he was actually telling me how Mackenzie is a phys-co path and hovers over him constantly. Ugh..I’m probably going to get alot of shit for this comment. but I had to get that out there, that shes not the precious little angel everyone thinks she is!

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