Maci Bookout Still Teen Mom’s #1 Lush

While Maci Bookout hasn’t weathered much criticism from the Teen Mom blogosphere during 2013, last year she created quite the buzz with her apparent daily drinking (and yes, pun intended). When I hadn’t seen much about her but cute pics of Bentley and some crap about a charity dancing competition in Tennessee (eh), I decided to check out her Twitter, and lo and behold the gal didn’t disappoint.


Then you’re jealous of me, Maci. You’re jealous of me.

Over the past week, Maci’s made daily posts about her alcohol consumption, from enjoying morning mimosas and noon beers to almost nightly pronouncements of evening drinking. Clearly, the Tennessee gal is still boozing up a storm, and proud of it.


By dirty martini, she means gin swished around in Bentley’s unwashed sippy cup.

Now I’m not judging her for drinking. I drink every single day myself, and I think beer makes a great breakfast. I’d probably love getting wasted with her, since she clearly embraces the lifestyle! However, I have to ask, what stopped the bloggers on other sites from calling her out? She hasn’t changed her behavior, but it’s been forever since I’ve seen any articles about her drinking.

Regardless of public opinion, I must note my concern for her, since she doesn’t seem to have any shame about her drinking. I’m the same age as the original Teen Moms and child free, but I still wouldn’t broadcast on social media that I drink a twelve-pack a day. Maybe it’s because she lives the life of a “celebrity” and doesn’t currently need to find a real job (she’s still riding out those 15 minutes, having just taken a VP position with Celebstir), but we anonymous peons of society can’t typically advertise our propensity for catching a buzz first thing in the morning, especially when we’re responsible for the daily well-being of a child.


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