Jenelle vs. Danielle – May the Best “Elle” Win a Pointless Twitter Battle

Well, Jenelle, I seen you fighting on twittah again!


While all this went on, Barbara lost her very last nerve.

The night before picking Jace up for a weekend visit, Jenelle found herself starting drama on twitter again, this time with some chick named Ashley Meeks and 16 and Pregnant’s own Danielle Cunningham (who is a new mommy to her second child).


Shouldn’t you be singing “Rolling in the Deep” to your new baby, Danielle?

As far as I can understand from the fans’ crazy twitter babble (how the hell do people communicate on here?!), this Meeks chick lives around Jenelle, is a teen mom herself, and is a bit of a psycho. If the allegations that she banged both Courtland and Duffy are true, she’s a borderline Jenelle stalker who slept her way into the Teen Mom gossip sphere. She currently posts messages from Courtland on her twitter, and enjoys instigating fights with the easily provoked Jenelle (we all know she lives for this shit so it doesn’t take much). The 17-year-old mother is clearly looking for her chance to become “alnost fanous.”


Jenelle, never too good to rise above a “stalker,” posted some admittedly funny photos of Ashley in response to a fan’s claim that she’s prettier than her and Taylor (um, so what). Danielle then launched herself into the fray, calling Jenelle a bully and “immature bitch” for picking on someone so young. Jenelle responded by calling Danielle fat (lame), and threatened to repost screenshots of Danielle admitting her heroin use – something she’s pretty open about now.


Getting fat on probation when you can only get away with drinking #druggieproblems

If I had to pick a side, it would be Danielle’s.. Or no one’s. Yes, Jenelle is a bully, and maybe Ashley doesn’t deserve her wrath because she’s young and stupid – but apparently the girl is bold enough to seek out figures peripheral to Jenelle’s life and get close to them through sex, so maybe she’s “mature” enough to take what she invites. As for Danielle, she is probably starting drama with Jenelle to keep her Sulia page visited and to stay relevant – but her opening up to Jenelle about her own struggles with heroin was a decent move, and for Jenelle to use it against her (having admitted to posting screen shots previously!) is just nasty. More evidence, might I add, that she is NOT recovering from her addiction, since two people in recovery would probably be supporting one another’s sobriety, yes?

What surprises me is that we are seeing three young women caught up in a seedy world of HARD DRUG USE – heroin isn’t the object of your usual teenage drug experimentation, and frankly, I didn’t know it was so attainable to young people. When I think of heroin, Vincent Vega brandishing a massive needle and jamming it into Mia Wallace’s chest is what comes to mind – but these characters were part of a massive criminal enterprise, not some dumbass teens who got pregnant young.


And how the hell do these kids even afford it??

All in all, we’re seeing a lot of young women with children acting like children at best, and at worst throwing their lives away – with even more fans jumping into the chaos, for whatever weird emotional validation the drama gives them.

Who do you think is in the right? Are any of these chicks anything but bricks? Share what you think in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “Jenelle vs. Danielle – May the Best “Elle” Win a Pointless Twitter Battle

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  2. Heroin is not expensive, you can get high for 10 bucks. It’s getting into a wider range of people because of RX abuse. Most people start off taking pain pills for something. Once their RX is done, buying the pills to keep staying high can cost up to $80 each pill. Once you get up to a few a day, buying that $10 bag of heroin is much easier. I have unfortunately seen this situation happen multiple times.

    • Ya know what, I put that line in there to be kind of facetious, but I know exactly what you’re saying. Have an acquaintance who is so addicted to Vicodin he takes about 50 a day, at least, and we always say it’d be cheaper if he did smack. Thanks for sharing that totally valid point!!! This is the kind of stuff I want us to be discussing here. 🙂

  3. As a former ‘pillhead` it would have been much cheaper to do heroin. Thank goodness i never started with that. Kicking a habit is hard, and even harder when twits like jenelle want to bring up the past. I like danielle. She is blunt, honest, and seems like a great mom… now.

    • Yeah I know someone who takes about 60 Vicodin a day and it’d be sooo much cheaper if he was on heroin. Saw a program about this veteran who got hooked on pills then switched to heroin, living homeless, and it was just awful. He only needed about $10 a day to keep himself from getting the DTs but his body was wrecked. Heroin might be cheaper but it’ll devastate you – the whole ritual of your method of use is a really powerful aspect of conditioning.

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