EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Nikkole Paulun Speaks Out about the Father of Her Unborn Son

Upon linking Nikkole Paulun’s twitter to the article I posted below, she quickly replied to me clarifying some details about the conception of her second child.


That almost… sounds reasonable.

 Frankly, I feel bad that I was mistaken, after seeing multiple reports that the Mike fellow had been with the girlfriend at the time, and believing their veracity (after all, those tweets didn’t really help her case). But regardless, the whole situation is rife with deceit and immaturity, and no good for anyone involved. Hopefully Nikkole is aware of the hard reality she’s living – either raising her boys among relational chaos, or leaving them without a father figure.

The best thing she can do now, in my opinion, is complete her own education, establish herself in a career, and become as independent as possible. Maybe then she will attract a man who can fulfill that role to Lyle and Baby Boy Paulun.

Thanks Nikkole, for clearing that up! And apologies for perpetuating the rumors.


15 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Nikkole Paulun Speaks Out about the Father of Her Unborn Son

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  2. She’s said a few times he’s refusing to believe that it’s his child and that he doesn’t want anything to do with it…

    • I remember hearing about that. Such a scummy way to handle a pregnancy! At the very least if you doubt the paternity you can reserve judgment until it’s proven. It’s just an excuse to be a deadbeat.

      And Josh is incarcerated, is he not? This girl’s gonna have to be doing it on her own (although court ordered DNA tests can be quite the assist in situations like this!).

      Well, you can kind of understand if she’s bitter.

  3. In her defense, she’s pretty fine. I think you should pick a name like sexy or beautiful. Hun just sounds like your insulting her by making yourself seem “above” her. Leave the poor girl alone, you don’t know her life!

  4. I recall them both being with someone at the time, the guy bragged about what his jizz splatter looked like and that he had done it on Josh’s pillow. Nikkole was blaming him to the gf, stating she had no idea he was with anyone, the gf claimed Nikkole was lying and a whore, and a few others agreed. I think that was the nail in the coffin for her and Josh, but I could be wrong, they may have been on the way out. At any rate, that was not the first time Nikkole was accused of cheating (by Josh).

    • Wow, the things kids find pride in nowadays (cumshots for the win). Yeah that’s close to how I remembered it, which is why I wrote the first article. Nikkole definitely cheated on Josh, and her denial didn’t exactly say she hadn’t been the other woman – just that at the time they conceived they were both single. In any case, letting yourself get pregnant when fooling around with such an obvious douchebag shows that Nikkole is probably not ready for another child.

    • It sounds from that article that they were both still involved with their exes when she got pregnant. She and Josh had barely broken up, so does she even know for sure this new guy is the dad? Crazy. And yeah I’d be bending the truth if that’s how I became pregnant – it’s like all those chicks on Maury who are “1000% sure” who the baby daddy is and then have to test multiple guys. They can’t be THAT bad at math.

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