Corey Simms Steals the Spotlight from his New Bride


Even Ali is like, “I’m just gonna roll with it.”

Miranda Patterson (now Simms) may be stunning and successful (she just graduated from college and is a freakin Sheriff’s Deputy!) but she was outshined by her new husband on her wedding day – and not in the way you might think!

While Miranda wore a beautiful, full length wedding gown complete with a train, social media users and Teen Mom fans barely commented on her polished look – instead, they were focused on her new husband. Corey, who is the father of Leah Calvert’s twin girls, opted to show up to his second wedding in jeans, work boots, and a flannel shirt half-buttoned and displaying a yellow undershirt (I guess the color’s good for hiding pit stains?).

While everyone can agree that a couple should make their wedding their own, the discord between the couple’s looks is just distracting. It’d be a different story if the two wed in a casual country ceremony, or even if Corey had worn a simple button-up with his jeans. But his attire wasn’t just comfortable – it was sloppy looking – and Miranda ended up looking overdressed for the occasion in the pictures that turned up online.

Regardless of what I thought was a tacky choice in attire, it’s great that Corey found an accomplished, accepting woman who is happy with him being himself. And of course, a marriage isn’t defined by what outsiders think of the wedding! Even Miranda joined her husband in the comfy department, opting to wear cute cowboy boots under her dress!


Is this where I left that tie?

What do you think of Corey and Miranda’s wedding attire? Sound off below!


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